Specially developed test
chamber for abusive tests

Specially developed test chamber

With our specially developed test chamber we are able to perform abuse tests in a controlled environment. The environmental variables can be controlled and thus it is possible to increase the reproducibility of the tests in order to achieve high quality test results.

The test chamber is a container of steel that meets the strict requirements of abuse testing.

Testkammer mit geöffneten Türen am Testgelände der GTL
  • Test chamber was designed for 120 kWh batteries.
  • Size of batteries is up to 2200 mm x 3500 mm
  • Three stage filter system for clean testing
  • Max. 1200kg
  • The safety during performing the tests is always given.
  • Explosion protection and fire protection
  • Configurable to the needs of the customer
Feel free to ask for customized
abusive tests.
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