The GreenTestingLab is specialized in abusive tests including nail penetration and fires tests with a focus on thermal propagation analysis. Our fireproof test chamber and airfilters can handle abuse tests of cells, modules or packs of up to 100kWh with an expected exhaust gas volume of up to 500l/s.

Among the familiar standard tests (see reference below)
we are equipped to perform the following testing services:

Nail Penetration Test

Tester type: Hydraulic
Maximum Stroke: 250mm
Maximum Load: 10kN
Speed: 5mm/s  to 100 mm/s

Controlled Crush &
Static Load Test

Tester type: Hydraulic
Maximum Stroke: 700mm
Maximum Load: 250kN
Speed: 0mm/s  to 19 mm/s
Table Size: 160 cm x 220 cm

Thermal Propagation

Analysis of thermal propagation according
standard or custom requirements.

Short Circuit Tests

< 5mOhm / < 100mOhm, see standards below,
as well as custom test.

Fuel Fire Test

Fire Resistance / Bonfire

Module, pack and vehicle test.
Table Size: 400 cm x 200 cm

Drop Tests

5 Meter Drop Test of full battery packs

We are familiar with the standard tests according SAE J2464, SAE J2929, ISO 12405, IEC 62660-2 (3), UN/ECE-R100.02, UL 2580, USABC, Freedom CAR, KMVSS 18-3, AIS-048, QC/Txx as well as custom development accompanying tests.

Feel free to ask for specific tests.